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#remember when dean used to pray #like he was prank calling somebody #and he waved his hands around #like he had no idea what to do with them #and made all these strange faces #and exaggerated the entire ordeal #so he looked really silly #and we all laughed #because it was funny #ha #hahaha #not so funny anymore is it #when a man prays with his head bowed and his hands clasped with tears in his eyes #remember when prayer was a joke (via leatherandlightning)

why the fuck would you say that

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Batman Through Mexican Creativity

Created by Kimbal



Minimal Futurama

Created by John Sideris || FB


i keep thinking about how shaun used to be all about conspiracies and he pissed off abstergo like he probably went on reddit and made images like



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1/144 Dark Falcon Kai FA Plan C Variable Armor - Customized Build  

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Images from: 戦慄のブルー
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